Wrubel, Wesley & Co. CPA’s

100 East Big Beaver, Suite 330
Troy, MI 48083

Established 1946



        •   American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

        •   Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center

        •   Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants


•   Accounting services:

o   Reviewed and Compiled Financial Statements

o   Bookkeeping / Write-Up

o   Employer Payroll Audits for Taft-Hartley Multiemployer Plans

•   Annual Certified Audits:

o   Multiemployer Collectively Bargained (Taft Hartley) Fringe Benefit Plans

o   Single employer 401K Plans

•   Income Tax services:

o   Businesses

o   Individual

o   Estate and Trust

•   Consulting:

o   Business start up

o   Tax

•   Other:

o     Notary Public


Contact us:

Email:   info@WrubelWesley.com

Telephone:   248-855-0337

Fax:   248-855-1601